National Realty Group Inc.

While there are a myriad of investment options, the first choice for large numbers of individuals and institutions remains the traditional investment of real estate. Since its inception, National Realty Group Inc. (NRG) has adhered to the philosophy that high caliber, value-driven management is the key to meeting our investors’ diverse needs. Faced with the unique challenges of operating in the real estate market, we are committed to increasing profitability through flexibility and innovation.
Shopping CenterNRG’s commercial property management division focuses on select markets nationwide which have been identified by us as areas of significant growth and development that will maximize revenue for our commercial investors.

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Conversely, by concentrating on prime areas in Southern California, the Apartment Management division of NRG has attained repeated success in that portion of the real estate industry. While others have ventured outside of California, from our office, most of the properties are accessible within a matter of minutes. Hands-on management is a large factor in our formula for success. We have learned that medium-size apartment buildings, generally less than twenty years old, offer the optimum value, and greater appreciation is attained through intensive asset management.

Our success in real estate investing through several business cycles has taught us that times of change and uncertainty prove to be times of significant opportunity. We believe we are presently in such a period when exceptional profits are available.


G. Giovanni Giammarco